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    Quest Wolf

    Bicara dengan NPC Pet Manager Martin di Gludin. Mengumpulkan Bloody Fang dari monster yang sudah ditentukan (di area kota kelahiran). Bicara lagi dengan Martin di Gludin. Misi 3 Kota : Bicara dengan Bella (Gatekeeper Gludio). Bicara dengan Metty (Guard di Dion) Bicara dengan Ellie (Trader di Jewel shop Giran) Bicara dengan Martin di Gludin kemudian menjawab pertanyaan yg diajukan. Model pertanyaan RANDOM. Q = Quest A = Answer Q : Pets are very useful to their owners. Which of the following is NOT on appropriate use of a pet? A : Can be sent to the village to buy items. Q : What is the normal lifespawn of a wolf in captivity? A : 12 - 15 years. Q : Normally, how would a wolfs tail be positioned? A : Its tail is always pointing straight down. Q : Wich of the following do NOT descri
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